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29 January 2015

Our Journey

Pedal Forward is on a journey to revolutionize sustainable transportation.

In November of 2011, a different perspective on the effect of sustainable transportation led to a collaboration between friends and classmates: Bicycles could be made from bamboo, and they could provide basic, sustainable transportation around the world.

The following month, the collaboration took the form of a commitment to action and was submitted for acceptance into the 2012 Clinton Global Initiative University (CGI U). In January: Accepted. In February: Showcased. And in March: Voted as the winner of the 2012 CGI U Commitment Bracket.

A name change was in order, followed by another, as was a shift in focus before Pedal Forward, as it is today, could be created. While transitioning in 2013, Pedal Forward raised funds for and donated 35 bicycles to orphaned secondary students in Tanzania. Pedal Forward delivered these bicycles first-hand and witnessed how they enabled students with better access education, water, and healthcare.

Pedal Forward bicycles around the world enable just that: better access to (insert noun here). In the United States, our bicycles enable an active, green lifestyle while alleviating pollution and gridlock. In the Global South, our bicycles enable better access to so many of life’s vital resources while serving as a basic, sustainable form of transportation.

By purchasing a Pedal Forward bicycle, you enable yourself and others all around the world.

Buy A Bike And Help A Fellow Human

From collaboration, to commitment, to creation: Our journey continues, and you can be a part of it.

Keep pedaling on!

Team Pedal Forward


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