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Bontrager Comp Road Pedal Set


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ROCKBROS Advanced 4 Bearings Mountain Bike Pedals


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Bontrager Line Elite MTB Pedal Set


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Puroma Mountain Bike Pedal


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OneUp Components Comp Platform Pedals

Pedals for sure have a tough job.

They are one of the three contact points where the individual’s body & their bike join/meet to cater to a suitable interface for starters.

Pedals act as a control element between the bike and the person riding it. Also, people can transmit their leg’s power into the cycle’s drive train through the pedals and propel the bike along the trail. Remember, a comfortable grip ensures a steady speed and helps bring down the speed when necessary.

They are an essential part of a cycle, but they come in various sizes, shapes & styles. As far as selecting the best pedals for mountain bikes is concerned, the most crucial decision you require to make is between the best mountain bike clipless pedals and the best flat mountain bike pedals. Our list of the best pedals for mountain bikes should assist you in making the decision.

We recommend you go through this in-depth guide on finding the best pedals for mountain bikes and how you should remove & fit the pedals if you are unsure where to begin.

Best Overall: Bontrager Comp Road Pedal Set

Bontrager Comp Road Pedal Set Review

When we talk about the best mountain bike flat pedals, Bontrager Comp Road Pedal Set comes to be number one on the list. This pedal set is highly compatible with the brand Look Cycle’s KEO’s cleats featuring an adjustable release tension & clean black finish. 

Bontrager Comp Road Pedal Set is designed to take your riding experience to the next level. It has an entirely adjustable release tension set up that allows you to dial in the correct feel for the ride & adds efficiency & confidence of a secure connection to your cycle. It weighs 282 grams and comes with a sealed bearing.

  • Size: The threading size is 9.16 inches
  • Type: Single-sided clipless
  • Material: Resin


  • Sealed cartridge bearings that cater reliable and smooth feel
  • It has a durable and Chromoly spindle to cater to long-lasting durability
  • It has an adjustable release tension
  • It includes cleats with six degrees of mounting and float-ing point hardware.


  • While it is easy to put on, but it is tough to release
  • Requires great practice owing to their hardness
  • Setting the tension requires a unique small tool

Extra Features 

  • It is a road pedal that is well compatible with the cleats of brand Look Cycle’s KEO.
  • Has wholly sealed cartridge bearings to cater to smoothness and reliable feel
  • To cater to long-lasting durability, it has an entirely durable Chromoly spindle. 
  • It has an adjustable release tension.
  • It involves red cleats and six degrees of mounting and floating-point hardware.

Buying Advice

Sealed cartridge bearing & durable material ensures a thoroughly lasting pedal performance. It is undoubtedly among the best mountain bike platform pedals and is well compatible with brand Look Cycle’s KEO’s cleats. For those riding for long on an empty road, it is perfect. 

Runner up: ROCKBROS Advanced 4 Bearings Mountain Bike Pedals

ROCKBROS Advanced 4 Bearings Mountain Bike Pedals Review

ROCKBROS Advanced 4 Bearings Mountain Bike Pedals are considered the best flat pedals for a mountain bike. It is super smooth and non-slippery, owing to its advanced four lubricated sealed bearing and anti-skid nails, which caters better grips. Provides excellent stability as aluminum alloy material & Cr Mo spindle makes the pedals possess durability. It is simple to install. 

The advanced four lubricated sealed bearings cater smoother strokes when you pedal. The aluminum alloy material & Cr Mo spindle helps the pedal possess extraordinary durability. The comprehensive pedal platform is well suited for long rides and even helps to pedal efficiently.

The spindle diameter of 9/16 inches is well suited for various bikes & outdoor cycling. The weight is nearly 0.82 pounds, and it is available in Black, Silver, Golden, Red & Blue. The unique shape and artistic design add good adaptability to the bikes, which is best for most bike kinds.

  • Size: 3.38 X 3.74 X 0.7 inches 
  • Type: 4 sealed bearings 
  • Material: Aluminum alloy


  • Caters high adaptability to most kind of bikes
  • Anti-skid nail design provides better grip
  • It comes with a comprehensive pedal platform, which makes long rides thoroughly comfortable & improves pedaling efficiency.
  • The material aluminum & Cr Mo spindles help pedals to possess excellent durability.
  • Spindle diameter of 9/16 inches is best suited for various bikes and outdoor cycles.


  • Pedals may shift a little in the lateral plane. 

Extra Features

  • Advanced Four Lubricated Sealed Bearing – Its bearings of pedals, which are made with the advanced four lubricated sealed bearing, ultimately make it way smoother when you pedal & ride on the road. You do not require to worry about any hindrances when you are biking with it.
  • Anti-Skid Nail Design – It includes eight studs on each side that make your shoes’ grip better & helps to prevent your riding shoes from sliding off effectively. 
  • Lightweight – Weighing just 0.82 pounds makes your riding experience better and well suited for cycle-cross bike, folding bike, dirt bike, road bike, mountain bike, and others. 

Buying Advice

The standard 9/16 inches spindle, the platform pedal for the long ride, makes pedaling comfortable and adds excellent efficiency. The ROCKBROS Advanced 4 Bearings Mountain Bike Pedals set is considered the best mountain bike flat pedals under 50.

The ROCKBROS Advanced 4 Bearings Mountain Bike Pedals weigh only 0.82 pounds. The pedals being lightweight helps your riding experience and is well suited for a cycle-cross bike, old school folding bike, dirt jumper, road bike, mountain bike, touring or tracking bike, urban bike, or unicycle. 

Alternative: Bontrager Line Elite MTB Pedal Set

Bontrager Line Elite MTB Pedal Set Review

Bontrager Line Elite MTB Pedal Set comes with a durable nylon design & replaceable pins for a constant grip. It is among the most preferred mountain bike flat pedals and is lauded for being extremely convenient to use. 

Bontrager Line Elite MTB Pedal Set is highly durable & confident. Most dirt jumpers, downhillers, Enduro riders prefer flat pedals. However, any trail rider will highly appreciate the Line Elite MTB pedal’s advantages. It comes with a sealed bearing and weighs 354.6 grams.

  • Size: Threading is 9.16 inches or 15 mm 
  • Type: Platform 
  • Material: Resin


  • Comes with decent grips owing to their big platform & good pin placement


  • Because of their deep body, it enhances the risk of pedal strikes.

 Extra Features

  • It comes with a durable nylon body and a proven shape for confidence and comfort.
  • It has a replaceable steel traction pin.
  • It comes with durable axle spin on the sealed cartridge bearings
  • You can install the pedals with either a standard 15 mm pedal wrench or 6 mm hex

Buying Advice

They feature a durable nylon body & solid platform with replaceable traction pins so that every time you put your foot, your running shoes will remain in it. Also, it has a durable axle & sealed cartridge bearing for ensuring lasting performance. 

Alternative: Puroma Mountain Bike Pedal

Puroma Mountain Bike Pedal Review

Puroma Mountain Bike Pedal Nylon Fiber Non-Slip 9/16-inch Bicycle Platform Flat Pedals for Road Mountain BMX MTB Bike comes with wide platform pedals. Their lightweight nylon composite body, along with a concave platform, caters to optimal surface area for a long ride comfort & pedaling efficiency.

They are built to last for long. Owing to their completely sealed bearing bike pedals, they keep the spindles from dust and water, ensuring great performance and durability. Their twelve replaceable hex head threaded traction pins on every side offer a bite for enhanced control and grip.

Moreover, they are simple to install. Their standard 9/16 inches sturdy Chromoly steel axle bearing can fit most bikes. They are universal, which means they are suitable for recreational riding, BMX, kids’ bikes, cruiser bikes, MTB bikes, junior bikes, mountain bikes, city bikes, etc. 

  • Size: 4.8 X 4.1 X 0.9 inches
  • Type: Universal. Suitable for all type
  • Material: Nylon fiber


  • Build to last long
  • It has a lightweight nylon body
  • Simple to install
  • Provides easy grip & control


  • Zero grease renewal system

Extra Features

  • CR L & CR R – It has a user-friendly design and is highly convenient during installation. The CR L is for the left pedal & CR R for the right pedal.
  • Standard 9/16 inches for universal utilization – The standard 9/16 inches thread fits seamlessly with maximum bikes like BMX, road bikes, cruiser bikes, kids’ bikes, mountain bikes, city bikes, junior bikes, MTB bikes, etc.
  • Sealed bearing – The design can prevent stagnant water and dust from entering the foot pedal. It even lowers the pedal’s damage and is made to last for a long time. 

Buying Advice

The flat pedal is made of nylon composite body & weighs just 6.28 OZ on each side. A lighter flat cycle pedal completely makes you more energy efficient. The platform is very large and designed to fit any shoe size or foot & the pedal surface features extremely small pins that assist keep your feet in the right place. The bike pedal is simple to use & install, making them a good commuting option. 

There are 12 hex head threaded pins (traction) on each side that cater to adequate grip and control. Apart from this, the hex head threaded pins are even replaceable; you can replace them easily in case of any necessity. 

Alternative: OneUp Components Comp Platform Pedals

OneUp Components Comp Platform Pedals Review

OneUp Components Comp Platform Pedals provides a massive, i.e., 115 X 105 mm super grippy platform along with ten rear-loading steel pins on every side to keep feet planted on the roughest of trails. It is considered among the best clipless mountain bike pedals; owing to the weight of just 355 grams; it will not slow you instantly down on climbs.

OneUp Components Comp Platform Pedals are well-designed from the stealth rubber down & nicely shaped with a subtle convex profile to cater to their users with high grip owing to their pedals that sit in the natural arch of the foot.

  • Size: Platform size is 115 X 105 mm 
  • Type: Platform 
  • Material: Body material is nylon composite


  • It comes at a reasonable price and caters to quality design & construction
  • Highly grippy without being extremely sharp
  • Good pin layout & textured material
  • It is fairly thin
  • Nylon material helps to absorb in shock & hardly shows any scratches
  • Spins very easily with zero wobble
  • Open design, which helps shed mud & debris easily
  • Just 355 gram is a respectable weight


  • Stock pins can be very sharp for few
  • It has no fancy colors
  • Highly grippy, thus you may require to lift your feet for repositioning your shoes

Extra Features

  • Ten rear-loading pins of steel on every side along with nylon nuts
  • Thin leading edge with chamfered design, which helps deflect away hindrances
  • It has a DU plus cartridge bearing system for axle
  • Contoured shape/structure endows ultimate connected feel
  • The wide platform design provides enhanced stability

Buying Advice

Thin leading edge chamfered build-up endows the user with maximum clearance to lower pedal strikes & even deflect away trail hindrances. 

Mountain Bike Pedals FAQ 

Should I Get Clip-in Pedals for Mountain Biking?

clip in pedals

A completely secure connection between your pedal and shoes can make cycling feel easier. Being completely clipped into your bike pedals will help you feel one with your bike. Note that with it, your feet are less likely to get slipped off as you shift or pedal your weight around. Being clipped into your bike pedals enables you to pedal fluidly as you pedal & cranks become an extension of your body. 

Towards the end of a day in the saddle, people who are clipped in with their pedal usually feel less fatigue in their legs as the pedal stroke is highly smooth. Riding a clipped bike helps you feel all the terrains & grips of your bike tires along your feet & by pushing the weight down through pedals, you can utilize small adaptations of your entire body weight to help steer & control your cycle.

For those who are into mountain biking & have not completely mastered the amazing skill of rabbit hopping, being clipped enables you to cheat a little in getting an individual’s wheels off the ground. 

On the steep terrain, off or the road, when you pedal slowly, staying clipped enables you to efficiently pull up on pedals to keep the even power transfer all over your pedal stroke & maintain your traction & momentum. When you accelerate or sprint hard, you even pull up on the pedal energetically, which is tough to perform if you are not clipped in. 

Can I Use Road Pedals on A Mountain Bike?

The crucial chapter is about the bike components & one such crucial component is pedals. If in the first days of your bike riding, you probably used a normal platform pedal as cycling efficiently got into your bones you might already have or thinking regarding swapping them with the clipless pair of automatic pedals. 

At an initial glance, the answer is straightforward; every pedal type is designed for a particular cycling kind. Many of the road cycling enthusiasts thoroughly use the mountain bike pedals despite knowing they hardly can get on off-road trails & in reversed situations; it is also more unlikely. Here, we will discuss whether you can use road pedals on a mountain bike? 

The answer is no; road pedals work with road bikes as the cleats are three bolt patterns, which are opposed to two bolts like on the mountain bike. Road shoes do not work on trails. No tread & exposed cleats do not mix well with the mud, rocks & various other obstacles that mountain bikers witness when cycling around on trails.

Why Are Flat Pedals Better?

benefits of flat pedals

Flat pedals cater various advantages when descending as better power transfer via your cranks, higher range of foot rotation & position, ease of simply adjusting the heels, quick, down & simple removal of the feet from bike pedals. An excellent body position, good range of motion & angulation are well maximized using flat pedals. 

How Do I Know My Bike Pedal Size?

The bike pedal selection available to the riders is wide, leading to confusion around the best bike pedal that fits your bike. In case you are thinking about whether the cycle pedals are entirely universal, you have come to the correct place. 

Are bike pedals universal in nature? Cycle pedals are versatile as there are two major cycle pedal sizes, namely 1/2 inches and 9/16 inches. Also, there are particular pedal sizes utilized in the kids’ cycle. 1/2 inches pedal & other cycle pedals are used often less while 9/16 inches cycle pedals are being used much more often & are standard. 

There are numerous topics that you require familiarizing yourself with when it is about bike pedals. Continue reading to learn about the 1/2 inches and 9/16 bike pedals & a few other sizes & kinds of bike pedals that can fit your cycle. 

Why Are Bike Pedals Not Universal?

different pedals sizes

Bike pedals are not at all universal. It is because of numerous sizes of bike pedals available, i.e., 9/16 inches, 1/2 inches, etc. But there are few standardizations when it comes to bike pedals. 

9/16 inches is near standard in the cycle pedals, which means most of the cycle can fit a 9/16 inches pedal. But as 9/16 inches is not the only pedal size available in the market, we cannot say that the bike pedals are universal.

9/16 Inches Bicycle Pedal

The most renowned & most widely utilized cycle pedal is 9/16 inches. Measurement of the 9/16 inches refers to the pedal’s screw thread size. The screw thread is a crucial part of the pedal connected to the cycle. A 9/16 inches cycle pedal is utilized for contemporary adult cycles. Thus, if you want a set of pedals for the standard adult cycle, your bike most probably may fit a 9/16 inches pedal.

1/2 Bicycle Pedal

Unlike 9/16 inches pedal, 1/2 inches pedal is utilized on small-sized modern bikes. Specifically, you will find that 1/2 inches bike pedals are located on juvenile bikes and inexpensive adult cycles.

You will not notice much of a difference in a bike’s performance when comparing a 1/2 inches bike pedal with a 9/16 inches pedal or any other pedal size. Otherwise, you will not find that pedal size impacts efficiency and smoothness of ride basis the terrain the bike is on. The difference is just a matter of the thread’s size utilized to attach the pedal to the bike.

Other Bike Pedals (Sizes)

There are various other pedal configurations and sizes & these are found on tricycles and other kids’ cycles. Manufacturers for the kids’ bikes and tricycles like to create their proprietary bike portions involving pedals.

It means consumers require going through the bicycle’s manufacturer to attain repairs and/or replacement parts. It is unfortunate for consumers, but it is good that such pedals get found just on minuscule numbers of tricycles and bicycles. 


When selecting bicycle pedals, you should first think about the riding you witness. Whether you will be mountain biking or road biking?

Are you one of those looking for pedaling power & clipless pedal efficiency or maneuverability and ease you get with the flat platform pedal? You would want the benefits of both.

In case you decide on clipless pedals, you are required to become sure about your pedals, shoes, and cleats are entirely made to work in such situations. You even can shop for either pedals or shoes first; only keep in mind the shoe pedal compatibility as you decide on the cleats that might be sold with pedals or separately.

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