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Pearl Izumi Men's PRO Gel Full Finger Glove


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Pearl Izumi Men's PRO Gel Glove


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Giro DND Men's Mountain Cycling Gloves


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Pearl Izumi Women's Divide Glove


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Pearl Izumi Women's ELITE Gel Glove

Do you wish to enjoy your bike riding even more?

We are sure you must have a fancy bike on which you have splurged a lot, but these bikes will give you mediocre performance without proper gloves.

If you already own low-quality bike gloves, you must have experienced that most of your focus goes on keeping your hands affixed to the handle while the other half of your brain keeps calculating the time before your hand goes numb.

We all have been through this, but it’s time you consider using superior quality gloves that let you enjoy your bike riding while protecting your hands from the weather.

We understand that trying to find a glove that fits like a glove (pardon) is challenging, but this article will guide you through the best bike gloves available for both men and women on the market.

Best for man, Winner: Pearl Izumi Men’s PRO Gel Full Finger Glove

Pearl Izumi Men's PRO Gel Full Finger Glove Review

Our winner for the best-padded mountain bike gloves is Pearl Izumi Men’s PRO Gel Full Finger Glove. The stunning features with Pearl Izumi’s unmatched quality make it a product worth buying. Let us look at its features and drawbacks to understand the product better.

  • Manufacturer: Pearl Izumi
  • Size: S
  • Type: Full finger gloves
  • Material: Palm- 89% polyester, 11% polyurethane; Back- 78% polyamide, 19% polyester, 3% elastane
  • Colors available: Yes


  • Pearl Izumi Men’s PRO Gel Full Finger Glove has a luxurious feel like natural leather because of the premium Ax Suede Laredo material. The glove stands out from the rest of the gloves because of its texture and pattern, making it the best winter mountain bike gloves.
  • The premium Ax Suede Laredo helps in achieving practicality. The material makes it easy to wash and maintain, unlike genuine leather gloves.
  • This quality product from the trusted house of Pearl Izumi is exceptionally durable and serves well for extreme rough usage.
  • These gloves come with 3D- shaped gel pads that quickly eliminate extra bulk while providing unmatched targeted comfort. These 3D gel pads are thoughtfully placed on areas with the highest pressure point. The result? Your palms never get tired, and gripping the bar becomes a non-laborious task!
  • One can quickly wear these gloves for a whole day because of the comfort and lightweight that this product offers.
  • The perforation cells help the air to escape, thus cooling your hand. The thick quality and full finger feature keep the glove toasty during the winter season. This glove is ideal for wearing in the cold season, making it the best mountain bike gloves for winter.
  • The slip-on makes the wearing process a breeze. There won’t be extra unwanted friction stopping your hand from squeezing in. These gloves have the correct amount of elasticity to them.
  • PRO Gel Full Finger Glove is ideal for cycling, dirt biking, and long road trails.
  • The product has a touch screen compatible thumb and index finger coating. You can easily access your cellular device without the hassle of removing the gloves.
  • The company offers a lifetime warranty on the gloves. The exchange and return policy is very consumer-friendly except for the extra shipping charges that the customer has to bear.


The design misses the velcro strap for easy wearability. People have a hard time inserting their hands as they need to wiggle and flex the fingers to get the glove fitted.

Extra Features

These gloves come with high-intensity reflective elements for low light visibility.

Buying Advice

If you are looking for robust, durable, good quality winter gloves, this is the best buy. This product will stay with you for years without a lot of maintenance.

Runner-up: Pearl Izumi Men’s PRO Gel Glove

Pearl Izumi Men's PRO Gel Glove Review

PRO Gel Glove bags our runner-up position mainly because of their flexibility and sturdy quality. The product comes in navy and black variants according to your size. Let us look at the specs, benefits, and drawbacks to help you decide if the product is worth buying or not.

  • Manufacturer: Pearl Izumi
  • Size: XS
  • Type: Fingerless gloves
  • Material: Palm-  89% polyester, 11% polyurethane;  Back- 78% polyamide, 19% polyester, 3% elastane
  • Colors available: Yes


  • These fingerless gloves are made using premium Ax Suede Laredo material on the inner side. The material feels like deluxe leather while giving you excellent artificial material practicality.
  • The material is washable and rough use won’t render the product useless.
  • Pearl Izumi Men’s PRO Gel Glove is exceptionally lightweight and durable. These gloves are built for rough usage, so you can easily travel long distances without any trouble or glove mishaps.
  • The ultra-breathable fabric is one of the best features of this product. Your hands are always dry, clean, and sweat-free even after using the gloves for a long time.
  • These gloves allow moisture transfer for a cooler and breezy experience. The glove will automatically evaporate the sweat without accumulating it in its fibers. Thus, your body temperature stays cool, and the rapid moisture transfer keeps your hands comparatively dry.
  • The company adds 3D gel pads for superior comfort, which alleviates all main spots’ pressure. Most gloves tend to have padding on the lower palm, but this glove has gel pads all over the hand for comfort.
  • Your hands won’t get restricted to only a few positions because of the padding; on the contrary, the glove gives a good stretch and flexibility.
  • There are 100% no chances of slipping or bunching because of the firm slip-on and padding technology.
  • The company ensures that each glove is made out of quality materials so the glove won’t loosen up even after several uses making it the best fingerless mountain bike gloves.
  • This product has a lifetime warranty for extra damage or product exchange.


  • Few of the brand’s loyal customers have issues with the padding’s thickness. They have felt the need to stop their bikes after the first 50 miles because of numbing. A better cushion would solve this problem with ease.
  • While the base is well ventilated, the top lacks good ventilation. The product, on the top, isn’t well breathable and can heat the top part of the hand very quickly.

Extra Features

Good quality reflectors are a fantastic extra feature of this product as it helps the rider during low light visibility.

Buying Advice

We recommend that you size up for this particular model as it runs a little small and doesn’t hold up to the actual size. Apart from that, we give two thumbs up to these extra sturdy fingerless gloves.

Alternative: Giro DND Men’s Mountain Cycling Gloves

Giro DND Men's Mountain Cycling Gloves Review

Giro DND Men’s Mountain Cycling Gloves are your best bet when it comes to breathable fabric. Our best alternative glove will work against the weather to provide you excellent comfort and an effortless wearing experience.

  • Manufacturer: Giro
  • Size: 3X-L
  • Type: Full finger gloves
  • Material: Polyester
  • Colors available: Yes


  • These Giro DND Gloves were made keeping in mind the durability and hand control that this product offers.
  • The carefully engineered Ax Suede palm eliminates bunching, leading to irritation and distraction.
  • The top layer provides excellent breathability with its four-way stretch for maximum comfort. Your hands can breathe and properly function even if you are wearing a full-finger glove. The ultimate comfort makes this one of the best full-finger mountain bike gloves.
  • These gloves pride themselves on having the best moisture-wicking material throughout the entire glove. You can keep your hands extremely dry even in high temperatures and challenging trail roads.
  • One unique specialty is its functional flex zones at the knuckles. These super textured zones help your fingers to press the break quickly without resisting the movement.
  • This full-fingered glove comes in a set of 15 plus color options. You can choose from regular blacks to funky neons to bright blues.
  • These gloves are popularly worn by people who do intensive trail ridings and dirt jumping, but the gloves are convenient for other uses and casual rides.
  • These best full-finger mountain bike gloves have durable padding of 2MM EVA crash pads for extra support.
  • You can operate any IOS or Android device with Giro’s fingerprint touch technology.
  • Another benefit is this product’s versatility; as it is Unisex, anyone can confidently don these gloves.


  • We could track a few occasional complaints about this product’s seam unraveling issue.
  • The thumb fingerprint has few issues as the device doesn’t scroll very smoothly sometimes.

Extra Features

The hands’ backside is made with breathable fabric; thus, your entire hand stays well ventilated. We couldn’t find this feature in many gloves which are available in the market, so this feature stands out very dominantly in this product.

Buying Advice

If your hand doesn’t tolerate heat very well, then this is the product you should go for. We highly recommend this as the extra sweat pad on the thumb absorbs most sweat while the breathable fabric evaporates it within minutes.

Best Mountain Bike Gloves For Women

Best For woman, winner: Pearl Izumi Women’s Divide Glove

Pearl Izumi Women's Divide Glove Review

Our winner for the best gloves under the women’s category is Pearl Izumi’s Divide Glove. This glove is skin-friendly and lets your skin breathe even in extreme conditions. Let us read the benefits and drawbacks to see why this product stands in our first position.

  • Manufacturer: Pearl Izumi
  • Size: L
  • Type: Full finger gloves
  • Material: Palm- Ax Suede Uno synthetic leather, polyester; Back- mesh
  • Colors available: Yes


  • Our winner for the best women’s mountain bike gloves is Pearl Izumi’s most popular Divide Gloves series. These biking gloves are a perfect addition to your mountain biking and gravel riding gear because of their power-packed features and popularity.
  • The long fingers and thin fabric layer make it the best summer mountain bike gloves available offline or online.
  • This summer-friendly glove has synthetic leather and a lightweight polyester mesh backing ultra breathability in sweltering weather.
  • The closure-less design aids in reducing extra bulk, thus making your gloves lightweight. You can very quickly wear these gloves for the entire day without any heavy feeling on your hand.
  • Its quality four-way stretch gives a snug fit while making this glove very movable from all angles. Your riding won’t get interrupted even for a minute with these gloves.
  • The gloves are touchscreen compatible with index and thumb fingers for scrolling, so you can access your device without removing the gloves.
  • Pearl Izumi has a lifetime warranty in dissatisfaction from the consumers’ side.


  • This particular model has extreme sizing issues as each size is way smaller than the required measurements.
  • The wrist’s elastic can be very tight for people with tiny wrists.

Extra Features

We couldn’t find any extra feature that caught our eyes.

Buying Advice

Your search for a perfect summer glove ends here! These are the best summer mountain bike gloves that you can invest in. The glove’s material is sturdy and holds up well even after several washes.

Runner-up: Pearl Izumi Women’s ELITE Gel Glove

Pearl Izumi Women's ELITE Gel Glove Review

Pearl Izumi Women’s ELITE Gel Glove is our runner-up fingerless glove. The product is very colorful and fit for rocky trails because of its durability. It would be best to consider reading the product details, its drawbacks, and buying advice to learn about the product before purchasing.

  • Manufacturer: Pearl Izumi
  • Size: M
  • Type: Fingerless gloves
  • Material: Palm- 92% polyester, 5% elastane, 3% polyurethane; Back- 68% polyester, 29% polyamide, 3% elastane
  • Colors available: Yes


  • This glove uses 3D- shaped gel padding and synthetic leather palms for exceptional fit and durability.
  • The glove comes in 5 bright color options to choose from. They have a black option for those who cannot get enough of this versatile color.
  • These fingerless gloves give great comfort and quick movement access with their four-way stretch fabric.
  • The added hook and loop closure adds a safety layer and gives a snug fit every time. With this glove, you have the assurance that nothing will slip from its place until you remove the glove manually.
  • The fabric wicks away moisture and is highly breathable with its moisture transfer technology.
  • One great feature is the surety that your hands won’t vibrate while riding your bike. Often, extra vibration causes numbness as your hand sleeps, but these are some of the best mountain bike gloves for numbness.
  • Like other products, even this model has a lifetime warranty from Pearl Izumi.


This glove is not the most gel-padded product from their lines of gloves, and because of that, this product isn’t suitable for long rides.

Extra Features

The riders and people on the road can see the bike better with the reflective elements attached on all sides of the product—a perfect addition for low-light areas.

Buying Advice

We cannot stress enough how important it is to size up while purchasing these gloves. Along with that, watch out for nerve compression while wearing these velcro-enabled mountain bike gloves.

Mountain Bike Gloves: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do I need mountain bike gloves?

woman mtb gloves

Mountain biking can cause serious expenses, but we believe in safety and protection. Suppose you have spent several hundred dollars; why not spend a little more and get yourself safe while riding the bike.

Gloves should never be considered optional gear. After a helmet, your gloves should be your number one priority. Few common examples for needing mountain biking gloves are:


These gloves will provide excellent protection during your trails and on the roads. People who do not use gloves get blisters within an hour, and you cannot continue to drive with those painful sores. Gloves will keep you safe if you suddenly slip and fall on rocky roads.

Unfortunately, if you are not wearing heavy-duty gloves, the only rocky road you will see for the next few weeks is the ice-cream flavor in your fridge. Gloves won’t stop your hands from spraining or breaking, but it will indeed protect from cuts and stones.

Shock absorption

mtb gloves

Good gel padded gloves like Pearl Izumi helps in the shock absorption during bike riding. As the bike mostly runs on uneven, bumpy roads, you need something that doesn’t shock your hand every time it hits a rock. Therefore, gloves provide excellent shock absorption.


This extra strenuous activity calls for unwanted sweating, which can loosen your grip on the handlebars. These gloves help keep your hands practically glued to the handle because of their gripping power.

Climate control

These biking sessions can occur during summers or winters, so a good pair of thick gloves help keep your fingers warm, while a thin pair of full or fingerless gloves keep the sweat away by evaporating it constantly.

Are cycling gloves worth it?

Yes, cycling gloves are worth it as they protect you from many things, as covered in the question above. These gloves can be expensive, but they are worth every penny when you think of the bigger picture.

If you are not ready to quickly spend a reasonable sum of money on heavy-duty gloves, you can buy gloves of other qualities which are considerably lower in price. We ideally recommend that you wear different gloves on different occasions and seasons.

You can use light and fingerless ones for summers and heavy, thick ones for winters. If you plan to ride in rocky or dry regions, do not skip gloves. Apart from this, few cyclists prefer to ride their bikes without gloves to connect with the road without gloves. Their speed, hold, stance, and grip are better without gloves. If you are a novice in the mountain biking world, we encourage you to wear gloves every time you ride.

How long do bike gloves last?

green mtb gloves

A good quality mountain glove can last you anywhere from around six months to a year. Do not expect a lot if you ride a bike every day. The gloves can even last for two months or two years, depending on the use. The longevity of bike gloves usually depends on three things:

  • The type of glove you use:

Different types of gloves are made with different fabrics and extra add ons like a gel pocket cushion. These additional unique features make the gloves last long. As the normal wear and tear happen on the upper palm area, a glove with thick and sturdy padding will surely outlast the others.

  • The style of riding you do:

If you are using a riding glove for short distances, then the gloves are bound to stay new for a long time. If you often take extensive bumpy trails or mud roads, the gloves will surely start deteriorating soon.

  • The kind of maintenance practices you follow:

Regular washing is needed to prevent the gloves from stinking and growing fungus, thus ultimately increasing your mountain bike gloves’ life.

What is the purpose of bike gloves?

MTB downhill race

In simple words, bike gloves help in:

  • It reduces the friction between the handlebars and your hands, which can otherwise cause painful blisters.
  • It reduces the pressure on your sensitive ulnar nerve, one of the culprits that cause numbness.
  • Blocking the vibrations that might cause the fingers and hand to numb
  • Protecting from climate and injuries.
  • Shock absorption from the vehicle.


Buying a glove can be challenging, but with our list of trustworthy brands, you are bound to have a great riding experience because of its quality.

We recommend that you maintain the gloves after buying, as it will surely increase your gloves’ life. Wash them with soft water and detergent to remove the musky smell and keep it clean.

Only air-dry them, do not put the gloves in a dryer as it might ruin the grips, screen touch receptors, and shrink the glove. Consider at least washing once every week in winters and after every trail in summers.

Wash leather gloves as infrequently as you can. Instead of throwing them away, you can use your old gloves for gardening purposes as they will have sufficient grip to help you with the gardening tools. They are perfect for handling heavy goods during shifting too.

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Antonio Remmington

Antonio Remmington was born and raised in Spain, and moved to the United States in 2013 to California. There, he and his long-time partner began spending half of their time cycling in the mountains or on the roads, bonding together and staying athletic as they cruise through their 30’s. Now, Antonio wants to show you exactly what goes into high-octane mountain biking, adrenalina-inducing street cycling, and all the little working parts in between. It’s time to learn everything he has to teach you.