A love for basketball brought Matt and Chris together during their freshman year at The George Washington University. Over the course of their four collegiate years in the nation’s capital, they discovered they had a lot more in common. Matt, with his engineering expertise, and Chris, with his business acumen, found there existed a natural synergy between their two fields — the creation of products engineered with a purpose. Back and forth brainstorming about how to better the world contributed to many late nights, and this four-year conversation culminated with Pedal Forward.

Matthew Wilkins
Chief Executive Officer

Matt is an engineer who loves to bike. When he was in seventh grade, Matt, his Dad, and his best friend went for a bike ride leaving from his house in New York. Five days later, they were in Boston. This trip sparked Matt’s love for cycling, and he has been enjoying the road on two wheels ever since. As an avid cyclist and engineer, Matt decided to build his first bicycle in 2011, a decision that led him to co-founding Pedal Forward.

Christopher Deschenes
Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer

Contrary to popular belief, Chris is not an engineer. A graduate of the School of Business at The George Washington University, Chris once, like many youngsters who were hyped up on a certain neon-green carbonated beverage that we aren’t sure we can mention for legal reasons, envisioned himself as a pro-bmx biker. Despite his ardent persistence, that didn’t work out. But now, he’s here.

Olivia Hyde
Director of Strategic Growth

Formally a professional skier turned bike mechanic, Olivia Hyde’s expertise is in strategy, where she advises companies like Facebook, Twitter, Google, and Sequoia Capital on their efficiency, productivity, and happiness at work! She has balanced an interest in sports and business strategy since her graduation from Dartmouth College in 2007. Olivia has mentored for The Clinton Global Initiative University for 8 years. She led students in the Sustainable Design focus area for 6 years, then switched to Workforce Development as her career evolved. When Olivia searched out the new Sustainable Design mentor, she met Matt and the rest is history.

A Team Effort

We're a growing group of individuals who are trying to change the world!


  • CJ Bell: Technical Advisor
  • Randy Schur: CAD Advisor
  • Tony Lyons: Manufacturing Intern 


  • Claire Keturi: Social Media Manager


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