Pedal Forward builds sustainable bamboo bicycles that turn heads without breaking the bank, and reinvests a portion of their profits into global transportation needs. Over 70% of the world’s poor live without adequate transportation. Bicycles empower people to find jobs, go to school, and gain access to better healthcare.  It was this commitment that made them the winner of the 2012 Clinton Global Initiative University (CGI U) Commitment Challenge.

Helping Those In Need

For every bike sold, a portion of the sale is reinvested back into basic transportation needs of developing communities around the world.

Buy A Bike

Our bamboo bikes are made with Iron Bamboo. Iron bamboo is light weight, the strongest species of bamboo, and 4X more shock absorbent than carbon fiber! Plus it’s better for the environment.

Save The Earth

Biking, especially in congested, urban areas, saves you time, gas, and money. It also saves the earth from carbon emissions released during traffic and gridlock.

Help People

A lot of people live without adequate transportation. With your purchase, a donation is made to help someone in need get a bike to help them gain access to education, jobs, and healthcare.

Buy a bike, make a difference.

Learn More

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